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  The Way of Purity

The Way of Purity - Crosscore

Recently the Swedes THE WAY OF PURITY have spread with “Crosscore“ their first cd among the Metal mob
Thereby the mixed combo does not lack anything but of self – convidence. They try to change the world with pithy, provocative statements. You can read on their myspace site that they want to give us poor human beings an understanding of the real path of purity as the hand of God. Thereby they don't need neither names nor faces. Musically they pursue their goal with polished Metalcore. A mixture of hard beats with drum salvoes which sound little short of too perfect and the typical Metalcore growls. From time to time a sample. Now and again interspersed female vocals which loosen a bit the hardness. Fast changes in speed and staccato drum beats round off the general view.
Perfect teamwork of every single musician. The all in all 10 songs are diversified and at no point in time wordy or boring. Indeed THE WAY OF PURITY doesn't reinvent the music wheel, but their songs atomise hardness and aggressiveness and are straight catchy with their convincingness.
Weirdo or stay – eyed idealists? Buy “Crosscore“ and judge yourself whether the concept THE WAY OF PURITY works out here or not!
Battlepig / Claudia
1.23rd Circle Breeds Pestilence
3.Anchored To Suffocation
4.The Rise Of Noah
5.Loyal Breakdown Of Souls

Points 7/10

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