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  Shadow Eden

Shadow Eden - same (EP)

Shadow Eden is a band from New York who self released their first self titled debut EP.

It is an all instrumental album that the band proclaims at progressive, rock and fusion, influenced by well known artists like Joe Satriani, Kansas, Steve Vai and more. The band appear as a three piece with Dave Mercade (guitars), Kenny Weydener (bass), Kenny Lane (drums). Names that maybe only insidern knowm but can Shadow Eden break into the line of the above told? This is the start and you should listen and make your own opinions. Here we go....

„Your attention please“ start in best Satriani style. The lead guitar subsitutes the vocals. Melodic ground theme with some faster elements. Slow break in the middle, but in the end a speedy guitar song.

„Chill“ is what the title says...a more relaxing song. The bass do the talking here. Some spanish guitar lines makes this easy listening. A song that you best listen to if you come home from a hard work day and want to....chill !!

The opponent to that is „Book of mirrors“. Furious guitar arrangements interrupted from elegian lines. Sometimes it seems that this song has a sad touch, sometimes it seems that the song wants to break out of this sadness. Very catchy but strange.

Bass line again start „The Messenger“. Slow and silently played guitars lead to a straight heavy guitar part. Like someone walks on the streets and suddenly starts to run. Then he continues walking and run again. Instrumental songs has to tell stories without vocals, maybe thats what this song wants to tell.

„Avalanche“ for me has a funny start. Bass scales mixed with laughing guitars. Straight guitar lines to follow and a short solo in the middle. Some special arrangements round up this funny but well played song.

Rockin' start in „Cody“. This song is like the first do the vocals. One of the harder tracks on this album. Wah Wah sounds here, bass scales there...the guys show all their talent in this song. is not easy to review an all instrumental album if you don't know what the band wants to explain with their music without vocals. But for sure David Mercado and Kenny Weydener are very talented musicians and so I see this EP more as an appetizer of maybe upcoming works than as a regular album. Talent in playing their instruments and also in doing good arrangements is shown.

Kenny Lane on drums does a good job but cannot break through the main presence of guitar and bass.

People who are interested in good instrumental work should give Shadow Eden a listen. The others should find out by themselves if they like those sounds or not.

For a first EP I think the band did a good job and this means there should be coming up more in the future.

Points:  7/10

review by Kerb

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