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Subway - Lola's Themes

The former AOR band Subway is back !


The only original bandmember is Francis Soto who joined the band in 1998. The band split up in 2003 but now they are back in 2010 with the brandnew album „Lolas Theme“.

Maybe you know Francis Soto who performed vocals before in the bands Armin Sabel and Wicked Sensation.

The german/swedish line-up is as follows:

Francis Soto (vocals)
Matthias Holm (guitars)
Markus Metzger (keyboards)
Conny Payne (bass) ex-Alien
Mario Brodtrager (drums) ex-Kingdom Come

The album starts with a coverversion of the 80's chartbreaker „Sunglasses at night“. I liked that song that time and this is a very good adaption of it, rockin' and powerful. The voice of Francis is very unique and will be remembered if you here him sing.

Following is „Don't cry“. A wonderful duet together with Mary Amora. A dutch female vocalist who was part of a dutch talent competition show...and she really owns talent.

„Lolas Theme“ is a straight track, a mixture of guitar riffs and elektro pop. It remembers a little bit to the 80's in a new style.

„Still want the moon“ is one of the less pure rock songs. With blues elements and amazing riffs.

The best song so far for me is „The Journey“. It remembers me a bit to Steve Perry and band. It hits directly your feet and keeps you in mind.

Next is the ballad „Old photographs“....and rockbands definetely writh the best ballads. So it was and so it will be. A song that remembers to good old times that make me happy and smile.

It is not easy to put this album in only one category. It is a crossover from hardrock and pop to Blues and Gothic. It is very good work for a start up but what I am missing a little is the absolute highlights in this album.

But I think this band will go their way and the album will be found in many peoples collections.

Points:  7,5/10

Review by Angel

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