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  The Silent Rage

The Silent Rage - EP

The Silent Rage is a greek Power Metal band formed in 2006. After a demo the band published this 5 track EP and so we can call this the bands first real music production.

Opening track „Perished in flames“ starting fast. Typical power metal start with a good guitar hookline. The vocals of Kostas are real high, sometimes you could mean this would be a female fronted band. In the refrain the vocals change with agressive shouts. Like I said a real uptempo song with a nice refrain and a very good guitar solo. It means this band knows how to play and for a debut EP this is recorded with a very good sound. The song stops with a boom. „Leading the legions“ again starts with a nice guitar lead, some keys in the back. A lot of double layed harmony vocals mixed with some agressive shout parts again. I like this changing game of different vocal styles. Brings an own note to the bands sound. The keyboard let the song be more progressive. So this is a bit a kind of a progmetal song without the amount of breaks for what that kind of music stays. Next song „Wings of Tragedy“ opens up with a furious guitar part. Double lead guitars and solo. As the vocals set in we can hear that this is a harder song than the both before. Fast with a little weird touch cause of the agressive vocal parts. The best song so far. Fast forward, uncompromising. This has some vibes of the NWOBHM. No change in tempo, only power. Well done. The next song „Silent Rage“ is the long track of this EP with a length of 6 minutes. Slower start with guitar and piano. A ballad? Whispering vocals underline that but....suddenly the song takes speed. The piano is always a part of this song but a lot of breaks make this a real ProgMetal banger. In the middle a short piano solo leads into the guitar solo of the song. Lots of harmonies. This song remembers me a bit to Savatage. It stops like it started with a balladesque touch. „Litany of imprisoned souls“ is the last song of this 5-tracker. Hard guitar hookline in the beginning. Slower vocals leading to the chorus which is faster again. A song with oriental vibes and speeding guitars and keys. The vocals transport a tragical element into this song.

The Silent Rage didn't make the wheel of power metal new with this EP. But the talent of the musicians and also the sound means that this band can make a wide step in their career with their next, hopefully full-length, output. If the band can bring more originality in the songwriting there is nothing that stands against it.

Points:  6/10

review by Kerb

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