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Scorpions - Sting in the tail

This is the last instalment from the German hard rockers that brought you classics such as ‘Rock Like A Hurricane, Black Out, Steamrock Fever, Holiday, Lady Starlight & The Zoo’ Yet I have a feeling that this will not be the last thing we hear from the Scorpions. So after four decades of writing, touring and partying what does Sting In The Tail have install for the listener?

Raised On Rock is a return to the classic album Love At First Sting. Not only in sound, arrangement but also with their direct reference to past glories. It’s a biography of love and hate while on the road with the classic Scorpions take on five individuals rocking out loud.

Again a well executed song with subliminal references. Sting In The Tail evolves between Jabs churning wha intro with Schenker chunking out the dirty riff. Listen closely and you will hear classic blues and Sex Pistols riffs. There is nothing better than rocking with the gang.

Slave Me is the 80’s fist thumping crowd-screaming sing along. This song is full of subtle eastern promise that takes you from die hard rock lick to a sophisticated piece of art. Jabs is doing what he does best and shreds his heart out.

In recent years the Scorpions has built up a fan base for their acoustic work. Opening is a Spanish interlude before melancholy vocals. The Good Die Young sees Tarja Turunen ghostly amphitheatre entwined between power guitar chorus and down beat verses. Only the Scorpions have the skill to pull this off.

Drums roll in under the radar of guitars. No Limit develops into a gunfight between Schenker and Jabs as Maciwoda charges in with the cavalry behind him.

What would you expect from a song called Rock Zone. It delivers on all accounts yet is this Guns & Roses? Who cares! It’s the Scorpions rocking out and that’s good enough for me.

It would not be a Scorpions album without the obligatory ballad. Lorelei is what you want to make of it. Personally drop the keys and its perfect.

Meine takes this song to the next level vocally then the guitar break simply rips. Turn You On has you questioning how it got onto the CD but by the end it has you hook, line and sinker within the Scorpions keep net.

Let’s Rock! Is an arena extravaganza.

SLY has that classic 80’s Scorpions recipe.


Spirit Of Rock holds a magical ingredient that you can only get at the closing bar. Drop TMF team a line if you think you get it!

The Best Is Yet To Come has a profound affect on the body where you simply float in the swell of emotion.

It’s a return to glory and can be simply place with the Scorpions classic albums of Black Out, Love at First Sting and World Wide Live.

Points  8/10

review by Daz

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