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The Poodles - Clash of the elements

The poodles a band with attitude that preformed the official Swedish anthem for the 2008 Olympics release their new album, Clash Of The Elements. Can The Poodles third album with a new guitarist Henrick life up to past releases?

 Theatrical start Too Much Of Everything then serine piano into a rock backdrop that Freddy Mercury would have died for. Samuel takes charge vocally and commands the orchestra. 

Euro metal that’s polished, no roughneck’s here. Caroline is big on love and injected by Samuels power vocals. 

Like No Tomorrow is the rough edge of The Poodles. Henrik teases you then moves up a gear in the solo. It’s funky, punchy and its rock ‘n’ roll.

Samuel is an amazing vocalist with an array of textures. Strings are used to great effect on One Out Of Ten.

I Rule The Night eastern intro dirty guitars and what’s that? This is a powerhouse of a song that keeps you guessing. The recurring chunk of guitar surrounded by the mad hatters tea party that throw in ideas after ideas. Fantastic.

It’s moody where Give Me A Sign roll the dice of fate. It’s dirty with big hair and progressive to boot. Egberg rumblings keep the power on that lets the rest of the band explore their inner demons.

Sweet Enemy a melodic take on metal where Henrik plays around and adds a voice of confusion in his guitar work. It’s not your standard guitar playing here but then this is not your standard band either.

Honky tonk sleazy rock ‘n’ roll 7 Days And 7 Nights is back the basics. Good times roll with Zeppelin and Skynyrd references. It’s a monster of a song.

Pilot Of The Storm is yet another flavour with industrial undertones. Then the solid rockin’ of The Poodles break down the walls yet again with their take on metal. Egberg shines as he riffs beneath the wall of sound.

Can’t Let You Go neo classical guitar and strings into a power ballad. I would love to hear this acoustically but I must swim in the lush tones and power vocals that The Poodles do best.

Don’t fear the reaper springs to mind with Don’t Rescue Me. It’s the over all sound of the soft rock classics. The Poodles will enter the hall of fame as their counter parts have in the past. It’s an accolade they do not need to fear of receiving.

Dream To Follow is what something The Poodles are doing hear. The reality is that these guys know how to make fantastic music. It does not surprise me that they were asked to represent their Country more than once.

Wings Of Destiny questions with the perfect unity between the bands members musically. Then there is the rational behind the song. An intellectual rock epic.

Clash Of The Elements is a plethora of big choruses swamped with multitude of ideas. The Poodles are so versatile that they will leave begging for more with their hyped up feel good rock.

Points:  6/10

review by Daz

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