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Potential Threat SF - A new threat level

Bay Area strikes back ! 2001 founded band Potential Threat SF are on their way to kick the old heroes ass. With their debut album „A new threat level“ appears a very good bastard of Bay Area Thrash metal together with elements of New York Hardcore bands like Cro-Mags or Sick of it All.

The first song is „00 46“. This is only a 46 seconds acoustic guitar intro that leads to „Remember the violence“...and the title is program. Speedful riffing and vocalist Mike Noble sounds a little bit like James Hetfield in old Kill em All times. Adding some raw streetgang shouts like Sick of it All or even Suicidal Tendencies. The band tries to built some tension with changing the tempo but in the end this song is a real smasher with street attitude.

„Watch it fade awaw“ opens with a typical thrash guitar riffing. Aggressive drumming rules the scene. Also Noble performs here with a strong Metallica touch in his vocals. The song pushs straight forward without break. Here we can find out that the vocalist is a also a very good guitar player in apearance of the first but short guitar solo.

„Second to none“ starts a little more slow. It remembers a bit to Ride the lightning, but it is getting faster soon. Interesting guitar arrangements which could also be parts of songs from Machine Head. This arrangements bring a fresh element into the bands sound. The vocals reach from clean voice over shouts to end in a whispering break part. Very variable in sound and for me the best song so far.

Amazing riffs in the beginning of „Through your eyes“. Again in some parts influenced of Hardcore the band proves that it is possible to underline that style with classical metalguitar elements. And this works fine. Short but intensive song that points with a mixture of aggression and clearness.

In best tradition of Testament and Metallica comes „All for nothing“. Bay Area thrash at its best. The band proves their musical talent here. The guitar work is that good that you fall on your knees and wil not disappoint anyone who is interested in thrash riffs and good arrangements. Cool, how the band is changing the tempo to bring more pressure behind their sound.

More speed again with „Days of infamy“. The song is alwasy going straight forward. One break is hunting the next. But for my opinion the vocals remember to Metallica too much. This fact is dangerous for the band to get marked as a Metallica clone. But that would be not ok cause the band brings a lot of own ideas into their sound. And latest the hardcore shouts smashes every single try of criticism.

Same for „Days of sorrow“. Does this song and the one before belong togehter ? Don't know...but this song is held in the same style like the last one. But here I am missing the musical changes so that this song is not as good as others.

„Turn a blind eye“ begins with a very heavy riff. Kind of doom...tenaciously, slow, is roaring out of the speakers. In the refrain with the meanwhile well known, raw barks this song is one of the highlights of this album, cause of its unusual elements.

In „Walk through fire“ the band sets another classical thrash trademark. The song remembers a bit to Thrash, Speed, Burn from Exciter. Short, direct in your face. Some smaller melody lines don't reduce the worth of this work.

„All the world to see“ is again something for thrash metal gourmets. Typical riffings, but in alliance with amazing changes in tempo. Distorted pure guitars that the band brings in a solo, or what else could this be, to the top. So the band let the song fade out with your aching ears. Cool song, real dirty.

Wow...“Far from the truth“ starts with epic guitar work. But soon the guitars shred again. Again a song that goes straight forward without mercy. The epic element appears again, but all in all this song is a mercilees piece with Exciter or even Overkill elements. So, more far away from the Bay Area...heading to the east coast. A delicious menue for all thrash fans.

„For our nation“ ends the album with highspeed power. Once more there is destruction, like destruction can be. A speed dope together with some slower solo breaks. This song, not at least cause of its title, could be the bands hymn for upcoming Potential Threat concerts. The band shouts out this words with all the hearts and souls they got. Brutal, fast, heavy...the band ends their debut in their own style.

Potential Threat SF surely don't define the Bay Area thrash new. But the hardcore elements in some songs lean the their very own note. More own elements in the vocals to identify would be a wish for the future, but anyway I think we can hear about this band soon, cause their talent we can hear for the first time in this not perfect but very good debut.

Points  7,5/10

Review by Kerbinator

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