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Psychotic Waltz - Mosquito

„Mosquito“ was the third album of the five americans. The album sounds more straight and for sure a little bit more commercial than the firs two outputs. But with this the band lies somewhere between Fates Warning and Dream Theater...and that is good. Psychotic Waltz don't steal. They created their personal style and they sound unique. For example hear the strange vocals. Terrific are songs like „Shattered sky“ (very good atmosphere !), the title track and the faster song „Dancing in the ashes“. Last one is good food for headbangers. With its 45 minutes the album is relative short but it shouldn't be missed in any prog metal collection. Here the both earlier works „A social grace“ and „Into the everflow“ have also been recommended. If the band did make it with a professional band label, they were growing big, but that didn't happen, as we know. So the band was fallen out of the scene.

Points:  9/10

review by Kerb

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