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Bloodbound - Tabula Rasa

Floating keys intertwined with disparaging guitar sets the scene for Sweet Dreams Of Madness. Then the awakening of thunderous power harmonised with blistering guitar punches. Breed is back and firing on all cylinders while the Olsson brothers lay down a fantastic riff under the guitar lead.
Earthy and airy vocals set within a guitar extravaganza yet it’s Sohlberg’s bass that truly rocks here. Dominion 5 is the abstract madness of confusion that is nicely done through its changing beats. You will be longing for more.
Adrenalin filled Take One taken from the heart of a hypnotic start to a mind field full of question and answers. Breed’s vocals are brilliant that are surrounded by an orchestra that can only be described as feral.
Tabula Rasa belongs to Akerlind and Sohlberg. Driving drums and none stop bass allows the song to take on different identities. Listening to Tabula Rasa once is not enough or does Bloodbound leave me want more?
Is it a bass, guitar or keys? Who cares Night Touches You is soothing, serene and outstanding.
Tabula Rasa Pt.II (Nothing At All) is back and kicking ass with its vocal harmonies and blistering guitar leads. I need to see this band do this song live.You can hear the brothers Olsson push the boundaries of their guitar sound with the little metal harmonics coming from the guitars on Plague Doctor. In comes a neo classical guitar run that is spellbinding.
My head is spinning due to Bloodbound pulling out all the stops and Master Of My Dreams is fantastic. Wait until the solo and you will hear a killer bass that serenades the rhythm guitar while Akerlind eases off to let the solo breath.
Twisted Kind Of Fate carries on with the killer bass sound. From dark and sorrowful to light and upbeat Twisted Kind Of Fate show the skill of Bloodbound.
All Rights Reserved is flavoursome and shows Bloodbound’s timid side. Don’t get me wrong they are rockin’ with as much passion.

Points:  8/10

review by Daz

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