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Altaria - Unholy

In 2006 Altaria did its first major tour all over Europe supporting The Metal Queen Doro and Sonata Arctica on the back of their The Fallen Empire album. For a band with only three albums behind them they did a compilation record. Is this a sign that Altaria delivers the goods? Well let’s see what Unholy holds for the listener?


The Band:

Marco Luponero - Vocals & Bass

Tony S. – Drums

J-P Alanen – Guitar

Petri Aho – Guitar


Big on hard rifts as Alterior Motive opens into a labyrinth of sophisticated changers. Marcos vocals move between the highs and lows, gruff n milky effortlessly. The man can carry a tune with a touch of the American TV advertisement style. This shit is to die for.


From head banging to toe tapping is the Warrior.  Mid tempo until the chorus and the boys pull it out of the bag. You will easily miss the subtle licks in the leads and pre chorus build if you are immersed in the driving beat.


No fear here as Unholy Invasion is a masculine delight. Riffs n drums then Tony turns up the heat that allows a guitar solo of pure rock. Alanen & Aho defiantly work out hard on Unholy Invasion.


I was just hit with a sledgehammer of an opening on Pride & Desire. Then the eye of the storm with a run of harmonics before, I came round. The trip is not over yet as Altaria the guardians of steel take you high within the realms of hard rock.


Mystical disobedient vocals open The Lake. Dark and moody then you drown in a solo that speaks for it self. Marco’s vocal work is outstanding and depicts the song perfectly.


A Ramones cover Danger Zone! You listen to it and make your own mind up. Me I like The Ramones.


Classic upbeat riffs with plenty of room to Steal Your Thunder on this feel good song. From the backing vocals, solo and over all feel this is a hit song waiting to take on the world. But what is the story behind this song from 1997?


Wind Beneath My Wings is a more neo classical in feel on the guitars. Then Marco with his dominant voice has a wail of a time.


I am iron man, no sorry wrong song. We Own The Fire sees Marco’s bass playing up front with guitars taking a back seat. Then Marco’s voice is warm and strong that makes the song.


Get Ready! for rock n roll with this blistering guitar work.


Never Wonder Why is the track you put on when you have split with your partner. Its sad yet inspirational at the same time.


Just hold tight until you get to the solos on the Underdog. You will not be disappointed.



There is no denying the vibe that Altaria creates. Upbeat down ‘n’ dirty is the only way to describe this quartet from Finland.

Points:  6/10

review by Daz

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