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Bitter Frost - same

Black Metal made in the USA. The one – man project BITTER FROST shows with the debut record “Bitter Frost“ that Black Metal can be quite innovative and diversified. After the instrumental opener “Delusions Of Grandeur“ with a beautiful guitar soli it continues cheerful in the mid tempo area.
A severe mixture of melodic Black Metal and Progressive Metal blows up in the listeners' face. Sometime fast Black Metal with melodic passages and typical dark, nagging growls. The next moment clean vocals with borrowings from the Progressive area with guitar solis. An explosive mixture which demands a lot from the listener. Here arises no boredom.The use of keyboards relaxes the dark, hopeless and cold atmosphere a little. They stir here strong in the Metal soup to create an independent sound. This also succeeds largely. Perfect recorded. What more could one want?
Christopher A. Erikson blasts with “Bitter Frost“ the limits of classic Black Metal and carries off the listener into another world. Experimental, but nevertheless melodic with a certain hardness.
I can warmly recommend this cd to every Black Metal fan who is into innovative, new, melodic sounds. For all the others: Visit BITTER FROST at his homepage or at sundry other social networks. It pays!
Points:  7/10

review by Battlepig

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