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Militia - Fiend of Misery (EP)

From the middle to the end of the 80's the Bay Area scene was the heart of thrash metal. One of the most underrated bands of that time was Militia which was founded in 1987 by Dave Confer and Tony Fletcher. Together with vocalist Matt Ulricksen, guitarist Scott Fraser and bass player Thayik Hughey now the 5-track EP „Fiends of Misery“ appears worldwide published by Stormspell Records...and a full length album seems to be in work.

But before that will be out, we take a look at this EP which is marked from the band as a mix of thrash and power metal.

It all starts with „The Awakening“. First of all a razorsharp riffing thunderstorm let us have a great wake up call. Typical thrash shouting with echoes of Matt Ulricksen, fast played guitar riffs and power drums generate enormous pressure in the sound of Militia. We can hear some Metallica elements and many changes in tempo make this song, which is a long song with its 6 minutes, very variable. Dirty laughter ends it...well done !

Slower start in „The Blind (breeding the blind). Here I have to say that the drums for me sound a little bit too ploppy. But maybe it could be that we are fixed in these days in modern productions...but this here is pure old school ! This song also counts with many changes in tempo and on top it has real dirty street vibes like in older Overkill.

„Suspended animation“ starts with a doom guitar part, caused of breaking the speed. I don't know why but this song partly remembers me to Heir Apparent. In the slower parts, not if the song takes speed again. Again a very variable track on which the bass plays a big role.

Next is the title track „Fiend of Misery“. A very fast song....a real riff massacre, but suddenly a slow harmony sequence interrupts it. This leads to a real guitar solo...not a long one..but a guitar solo. All in all we can say that this song lives from its brutal riffs, partly twisted and strange sounding. A real guitar track...old school as hell !

The last song „Acursed winter“ starts with an acoustic part and an elegian guitar sequence. Again this remembers me to Heir Apparent. There are some faster parts but the main direction in this song is more slow which leans it an epic touch. If there is something like epic-thrash, this song will be the leader.

It is warming my heart again to hear how amazing the Bay Area scene was. Why a band like Milita didn't make the breakthrough in that time can only be caused in the flood of good bands that came out surfing on that wave. Militia knows how to play and the songwriting and performance has all that an old school thrash band should own.

I tell you that this band is worth to give a listen if you are in thrash metal. And I cant wait for the new album that will hopefully released this year too if we can trust the bands words. And I think we can. Thrash up !!

Points:  8/10

review by Kerbinator

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