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Crazy Lixx - New Religion

Swedish hard rock band formed in 2002 and are attributed to ‘The New Weave of Swedish Sleaze’ The name Crazy Lixx is said to be inspired by a Japanese plastic toy-guitar that Danny Rexon had as a child. Roxon founder member and main songwriter has taken Crazy Linxx from a turbulent past to today’s line up. Are the boys solid enough to deliver the goods?
The complete track list of the album, which goes under the name New Religion is:

Rock and a Hard Place drifts in on the back of a whirlwind extravaganza where the rock sold beat is blasted to the heavens bay the boys of Crazy Lixx. High-energy classic rock of the 80’s, yes a cliché no. What you will hear are Slash riffs, Bon Jove early year vocals and a beer swilling Motley Crew cruising for pussy.

Its funk rock all the way with My Medicine. Rexon pulls on Deaf Leopard arraignments vocally. Dawson shows his expertise in developing a melody but it is the clever move between blues and rock steady harmonies while the Cirera keeps the beat moving.

21 'Til I Die will take any old rocker back to their youth and give the young guns something to shout about. It has attitude, personality and in your face persona that will grip you by the throat leaving you grasping for more. The guitar lead as it goes rocks but it’s the bass that tames the beast by pulsating from the rear.

Blame it on Love is what the title suggests a power ballad. There is nothing same old same old about Crazy Lixx.

Get beyond the temptation and wait in anticipation of the song to open up, as you will not be disappointed. Rivano opens up on the Road to Babylon with one of the most interesting bass sounds I have heard for a long time. Cirera acoustic drums adds the splash of balsamic vinegar dressing that spices up the dish while Rexon and Dawson duel in an orgy sound.

 Atmospheric and thunderous entry to Children of the Cross leaves me melancholic. Yet Children of the Cross still packs a punch. Its like Marmite you will either love it or hate it.

The Witching Hour is rifftastic from the start. Rexon and Dawson have a writing chemistry that is to die for where you will hear their influences. The Witching Hour is big on G ‘n’ R take on guitar work with twist and turns in avenues that are modern and surrealist.

This is the sleazy side of rock where the boys want their fill with Lock up Your Daughter. Others have been there and done that but Crazy Lixx doesn’t need Viagra and are fresh and new.

She's Mine is a modern twist on Warrants cherry pie with an added keyboard. She’s Mine is a honky-tonk rock song that has a killer guitar lead and arrangement.

In the first 12 seconds of this song it is an Aerosmith song. What of Our Love develops into another Rexon and Dawson piece of magic. Influences are bound to come through and honestly this is fantastic work.

Desert Bloom
, 45 seconds of NICE.

Voodoo Woman works for me as guitar and bass kick some serious ass. Its another Rexon and Dawson collaboration that simply is a chemistry that needs to go forward.

If you do not feel that rush of blood after your experience with Crazy Lixx you simply belong in a mortuary. Influences are present throughout Crazy Lixx’s New Religion that is the down right sleaziest high-energy invested rock that has been missing on the rock scene for decades. Fuckin’ Rockin’ (if not present online the editor is at work)

Points:  8/10

Review by Daz

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