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Vindictiv - Ground Zero

The second installment from the Swedish progressive metal act with a pedigree to die for and an envious list of friends to boot. Modern World blasts in with a killer run on the guitar. Pahlsson bass loads the song with power while keys and guitar intertwine in an orgy of love and hate. I simply love Edmans’ vocals, wow what a ****in’ rockin song. 
Dazzling from the start Ground Zero is an animal. Steady beats from Csorsz then a tempered disciplined attack that sets the scene for guitar work that will give Petrucci a run for his money. It’s only the second track and I am overwhelmed by how big the sound is.
Reach Out allows Pahlsson to pull of some of the best bass playing I have ever heard on the backdrop of melodic guitar work until the beast runs for the light. Hidden in the depths of Reach Out is the soul of the song that carries you through the light.
Golden Gate is a plethora of exuberance from Vindictiv with a vocal duet of opposing ranges. It’s a perfect combination of operatic vocals, a power ballad and progressive metal.
The dark side of VINDICTIC is Venom. Csorsz highlights the changes with his persistent beats and ability to change gear at a whim. It’s this that keeps the song on track. Ok, there is more to this song but when immersed in an overload of metal bliss you try and put it into words.
If there were one title that is going to catch your attention it would be Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Unadulterated fantasy that picks you up and shakes hard before bringing you down.
Don’t let the dark power riffs fool you as the door opens up into an orchestral delight. Hartmann is on vocal duties on I’m Back Home that gives the song a feel good factor as they emphasize the trial and tribulations of life.
Explosions of riffs are subdued by Edmans performance on Martha’s Song. Lindholm shows his creative ability is not limited to power metal. Refreshing, light and vocally creative.
Listen to guitar in the background on the opening of Overshoot Day and tell me that is not pure metal. What other band do you know that can add flute to their song without it sounding out of place. Then there are the stings into ugly guitars, Vindictiv creative juices simply gush.
No Matter What builds to a crescendo from a humble beginning but then a twist.
Melodic, chilled and sophisticated The Sacrifice illustrate that Vindictiv have no boundaries.
A true masterpiece, that takes you on a trip of a lifetime. VINDICTIC have one hell of an imagination. But the true skill is forming their mental image and concepts into sound and that sound is immense.

Points:  8/10

review by Daz

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