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  Vanity Ink.

Vanity Ink. - More senseless random behaviour

Finnish rockers Vanity Ink were formed in 2002. They released 2 EP's and one full lenght album called On your skin so far. So this is their second full album called More Senseless Random Behaviour. People describe the band with a huge rock'n roll attitude and as a smashing live band. So let's see if the band can follow the successful dirt'n roll bands from Northern Europe and the world.

Like to name it the first song is „Smell the party“. First thing to explore is that this band has a lady on vocals. Annabella performs with a powerful and smokey voice. Yeah..this music is pure rock'n roll with a lot of street credibility. Fast, dirty with background vocals in the refrain. Rocking guitars without any solo. I can agree that this kind of song will cause a big party on and in front of the stage. „Let's go down“ continues starting with a smashing guitar part before Annabella set in with cleaner vocals. More alternative style. Again with the boys shouting in the refrain. The songs are easy to remember so they are absolutely compatible for a good live performance with the crowd. A guitar hookline in the middle of the song interrupts the speed for a short time before the chorus appears again. I would say don't let your hands go down, let em go up. „Fine by thursday“ up next. The vocals give the song a happy touch. The picture I see when I listen to that song is sitting in a car on a highway, the sun burns hot and only my sunglasses keep me safe from the heat. Suddenly the song stops for Annabella to whisper some words only to continue with street'n roll again. The female vocals make the band different to similar acts like Backyard Babies or The Hellacopters. „Breathe“ starts with acoustic guitar and silent vocals. For me I like Annabella more performing dirty and faster. In the slower parts she sounds a little suitable. After two minutes the guitars tell her to do that and the song moves to great Rock'n Roll Ballad. Yes..we all want to breathe. Stones are rolling in the next song. „Rolling stones“ is a straight rock'n roll song again. All the bands trademarks united. The vocals have a bit of old Doro at their Warlock time. But the music, and special the guitars, transport the power without being Metal. Like I said before...pure rock'n roll. „Versus“ starts with a nice guitar hookline. Slower vocals leading the song into midtempo. The chorus in the refrain remembers a little to old Kiss songs. A melodic rock hymn. Short break brings a new element in the guitar sound before the chorus versus the lead vocals and ends this track. Stamping drums and guitars opens „A song on the B-side“. Does this mean, we have to change the vinyl side now? Anyway, straight song. Some wah-wah effects on the guitars and we can hear something like a guitar solo. Not a long one, before the song runs out with the refrain. A new facette in the band's music in „Modern day saviour“. Funky guitar start. Red Hot Chilli Peppers could be named as this songs base. Okay, cause of Annabella the vocals are different, but the Peppers were definetely the influence for me for that song. More alternative touch than the most songs so far. Back to rock'n roll with „Oh Sue“. A punk touch in the beginning. Harmony vocals change with fast punk screams. So we can call this as a mix of rock'n roll and punk music. The next song is called for what the band stand for most of the time...“Rock'n Roll“. And this song is rock'n roll. Not more, and not less. No compromise, straight, dirty. Last song is „Everybodymoveeverybodygethurt“. The whole band shouts this words at the beginning, so this will become the live some that causes the most reactions. Interrupted with short vocal part this 2 minute song is nothing else than shouting the songs name underlined with guitars, bass and drums.

A real kick off track to finish the album.

Vanity Ink is playing a kind of music that a lot bands do, but if you play that you do not copy it, you have to live in it. If you listen to the songs and take a look at the band pictures you will find out that this band is living rock'n roll 100 %. I like it if the band is playing straight more than stopping tempo. Another good thing is that the band is mixing their style of music with alternative elements, some punk elements and going back to rock.

A well done basement for more to come.

Points:  7/10

review by Kerb

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