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Hardreams - The Road goes on

Hard rockers Hardreams are from a small village called Ripollet (Barcelona) Their third release The Road Goes On is an apt name for an album that saw their second release meeting a twist of fate where most bands would have thrown in the towel. The boys regrouped and came out fighting. 

Apologies fades into a melodic delight of soft rock. If you like Survivor, Chicago and ToTo then you will not be disappointed. Apologies is big on guitar and keyboards where both Aguera and Segarra are giving a master class.

Bad Times are Gone could easily be a boy band power ballad. If it weren’t for the rifftastic guitar adding the edge Hardreams would be limited to a life of screaming schoolgirls while on the road.

Flying on high is Rebel Heart with its power cords and sweeps. This song sounds simple but that’s far from the truth. It’s the unity of the band that keeps you hooked with those little changes they make effortlessly.

Hardreams can defiantly mix things up and My Last Desire is the perfect example. Shifting between flavours of rock and ballad with a Van Halen or Bon Jovi take on things. I don’t know but this song has me in a twist. I like that about Hardreams.

Is this the usual bad girl leading the boy up the garden path? Little Sinner Queen chorus has a brilliant run on guitar but wait for the solo.

We’re One starts with keys that I am not a lover of, yet Esteve arena vocals starts the heart racing. Muino bass is simple, effective and soothing and with the addition of guitar makes a perfect receipt for an anthem. Then lets face it I is a heathen to all things not metal, enough said.

Yes yes yes, Too Late will wake even the dead. I take it all back about keys as Segarra goes into Deep Purple over drive. Hormigo picks up the tempo on the drums and the duel beings. Love it.

Someday Somewhere is yet another flavour from Hardreams. This album gets stronger the further you go into it. Great use of wah pedal and rock steady beats then the chorus!

I’ll Say bye Tonight, sleazy licks and rock ‘n’ roll. What else do you need for the perfect song?

Imagine big hair, lycra, shoulder pads and American thighs. That is Two Shots in a nut shell. 1980’s sex all the way with this song.

Watery guitar, reverb heaven on the vocals with high frequencies used to set the scene. The Road Goes On.

It all started out slow while teasing, but don’t all the best lovers swoon their mate before the big push forward? Hardreams can enter the ring with any professional band with out fear of been ridiculed. Hardreams are currently writing new material and we can’t wait for it.

Points:   6/10

review by Daz

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