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Griffen - Life-A way to die

5 boys from sweden came together to carry their love for music into the world. And this music is heavy metal with melodic hardrock lines mixed with the sound of the 80s. This is well done by this band. The voice of vocalist Jörgen Sönderberg is amazing and has a characteristic style to remember, powerful and melodic.

This is the bands first album and a real good start.

The line up is as follows:

Jörgen Sönderberg (Lead vocals)
Stefan Törnblum (Guitars)
Tomi Peltonen (Lead guitar)
Harri Tuovila (Bass)
Kristian Huotari (Drums)

Even with the first rotation I was impressed, wonderful guitar rifs, bombastic rhythms, pumping bass and melodic hamonies. All what a good rockalbum has to contain !! The songs „I don't really know“, To numb know“ and „Life is on my way“ are rockin' and pushin' tracks that hit your hands and feet to catch the rhythm. Terrific songs with amazing guitar parts.

More in the line of melodic rocksongs are the tracks „Mystery“, „Falling inside“, „Rise in fallin“ just to name a few. With good riffs and changing the rhythm inside the song. I really like that. Sometimes it has a little bit of long forgotten rock operas and let the rockers heart pound high.

Also worth to listen is the song „Cut down (cold blood)“. This song has all the elements to become a chartbreaker! The vocals of Sönderberg are on top and fit to this music style in the best way. Also the refrain is easy to sing with cause of its melodic vibes.

With the bonus song „The Hydra“ the band put a completely strange track as extra on this album. A very dark song that remembers to bands like Heaven & Hell or Dio. I think not everyone will like this song but ...anyway...different kinds of music are the breath of an album.

A great debut for Griffen that sometimes remembers to Materplan, Avantasia, Y&T and Dio. And that are definetely not the worst bands that you can be influenced with. For me personally a ballad is missing. Cause if someone can write ballads then that are rockbands. Jörgen Sönderberg owns a voice for a perfect ballad....guaranteed ! Maybe on their next album ?

„Life – A way to die“ hopefully will find the way into many album collection. It is done by great musicians and Rockfans cannot do anything wrong with this debut.

So therefore my tip: BUY IT !!

Points:  8,5/10

review by Angel

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