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Witchcurse - Heavy Metal Poison

Five years after their foundation and some Demos and Split-Cd's this is the bands first real album published by Infernö Records. The four piece that is wearing metal cowls is raising the flag of early 80's heavy metal. The greeks show us that 30 years later there can be also written 11 fantastic metalsongs of that time. Referring to production and sound there is quite a lot missing in Heavy Metal Poison, but so this leaves the band a great underground character.

The album starts prayerful with church organ and spoken word intro, that shows us the way to the „Witchcurse“. The song points with forcing up guitars and vocalist/bassplayer Possessed screams us the bands name directly into our face like an young Paul DiAnno.

„Pay the price“, that means buy this album not illegal downloading cause also the next song is worthy to be paid. Even Twisted Sister won't execrate the next song cause „I don't want to grow up“ is rocking very near to them.

„Red light“ again brings us to the Heavy Metal corner. Awesome guitars and first screams fill this song.

What the hell is a „Heavy Metal Kamikaze“? Witchcurse explain that with the next song. Blurred guitars, lots of Maiden riffs and the well done sing-a-long refrain let you become the same.

The „Demoliton Derby“ points with galopping rhythms but here the refrain for me doesn't kill.

The opening of „Drinkers from hell“ don't give a premonition of what here later will come direct out of hell. Ending the clean guitars the song is forwarding to Lucifer's bar with speed. This song owns all a metal heart needs and I make sure to get a place at the bar. Prost Witchcurse !

After this hell train „Overcome the disctance“ shows us its beauty. Amazing solos, screams, rhythms, refrains....all content a song needs we find here.

With „ Hard Rockin' man in 2010“ the south europeans even eternalized cool the publishing year.

„Rock unite“ and „Heavy Metal Poison“ round up the album with well known trademarks. And here „Poison“ is of course the elixir for true metalheads. Outstanding likeable for me is the pronounciation of the word „Poison“.

In the end we can find the video for „Curse the false“ as extra bonus. Easy filmed with a warning message for all Slipknot and similar fans. Better be careful !

Witchcures re-animate the times of the NWOBHM...and this is good !!

Points:  7/10

review by MetalVurry

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