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Rage - Strings to a web

At the point of the 25th anniversary of RAGE the band published the 19th studio album (including the first album as bandname Avenger and the Lingua Mortis orchestra cd) „Strings to a web“. It is also the 7th album for guitar wizard Viktor Smolski with Rage since his apperance at 1999.

And he shows his typical Smolski riffing soon in track no. 1. In the lyrics the song promises not good things (Your ass, it will burn red hot, right when it all explodes) but in the music „The Edge of Darkness“ is a very good, typical Rage-refrain-sing-a-long track.

Those who like it more thrash...well, here it comes. „Hunter and prey“ blows thrash riffs around your ears. With this Rage made another big point.

With „Into the light“ the album continues like the title says. This could be one of the many songs that should be played at my own burial. „Day will turn to night, the devil by your side“...ok...we will see. Anyway...Peavy performs phenomenal here.

„The beggars last dime“ is around the alltime present the „the rich always want more and more“.

A song with a lot of different musical facettes. Cool song with a message for all to be warned.

So..and now please put your headphones on if you still don't have it. The five piece „Empty hollow“ to follow. Here the Lingua Mortis Orchestra from Minsk appears again. Do you like heavy metal music with classical support? Ok...then close your eyes for 15 minutes and enjoy. „Empty hollow“,“String to a web (instrumental), „Fatal grace (instrumental)“, „Connected“ and „Empty hollow (reprise)“ are the titles of this ear candy and in the end all will be good.

To wake up again there comes the thrashy „Savior of the dead“. Peavy performs angry again since a longer time....not all time, but partly.

But, what's up now ? Baby screams? Is this now the Babysitter-Metal-Boogie? No...this is „Hellgirl“. Straight forward marching heavy metal song. the lyrics I have to think often about my daughter Emily.

„Purified“ is written all alone by vocalist/bassplayer Peavy Wagner. If a song starts with „You are rotten to the core“ old scholl thrash is program. Andre Hilgers deserves us his powerful drumming here.

After 2 minutes the ballad „Through ages“ is finished...anyway, that was more a song for my wife.

At the last track Viktor unleashes some funky riffs. „Tomorrow never comes“ is more a little filler for me and hopefully not the sign for Rage in the future.

By the way...I bought the limited edition with bonus DVD (Wacken-gig 2009 and more).

Points:  8,5/10

review by MetalVurry

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