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Ilium - Ageless decay

ILIUM is from Newcastle, Australia. The band have already released three albums and is currently poised to release their fourth album 'Ageless Decay' with new singer and ex front man of Riot on Escape Music. Will the new addition add to ruckus to the band?

Is that Randy Rhodes playing guitar? Within seconds Hibernal Thaw grabbed me with the clean chorus and slap back echo. Then into a fury of discontent searching for a hook then Hodges & Smith slaps you in the face with a run of neo classic riffs. Smith adds eerie keys and Bass before they enter the arena of judicial calm before the storm of lead guitar. It’s a metal extravaganza.

Omnipaedia is loaded with sophisticated late 80’s riffs with a dash of the orient. Yatras plays around on the drums with excellent precision keeping the song alive and together. ILIUM teases leaving you wanting more by a faded solo at the end.   

A comatose start of Xerophyte then in with a rude awakening. One thing about this song is the diversity. A maze of confusion where DiMeo leads you to safety away from the galloping drums. Interesting.

 Fragmented Glory has an edge to it and is more metal where DiMeo gives an excellent performance. ILIUM are fighting fit on this song and slaying all those that stand in their path. It’s a guitar fest with power vocals and passion.

 Idolatry is for the Prog base listeners where DiMeo adopts a DIO like voice. This is a track that one gets lost in and waits in anticipation of the next turn. ILIUM has pulled the rabbit out of the hat with Idolatry.

Ageless Decay won’t be to everyone’s taste but never the less this is an accomplishment. It’s a cross between metal and progressive with refinement. It’s the polished edge that lets it down for me, although not everyone likes a bit of ruff. There are some pleasant surprises on Ageless Decay.

Points:  6/10

review by Daz

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