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Elements - Northern echoes

The Elements sprung to live in 1996 where to friends started jamming at the age of 10. What we have here is the debut album from Elements, Northern Echoes that was released on 16 February 2009. 

 Lumona opens Truthseeker with Juuti and Hyvarinen driving the melody home. A nenacing bass breaks the equilibrium of the guitars. Dark and mysterious until the guitar solo where Lindell skilfully duets with the guitar.  But who is playing keys?

The Finnish band smooth out their rough edge with One in the dark. This is truly a rock song with a well-balanced mix. Element dip in and out of melodic ‘n’ dark riffs.  Seppanen adds power, Luoma plays around, guitar harmonies are strong with a killer solo where octaves are nicely done and vocally Lindell hits all the searing highs. NICE.

Fantastic opening riff into the power driven Runaway. Lindell vocals are getting better and the highs are obviously her strength. Musically Runaway depicts societies madness and tranquillity. Element know how to transmit the ups and downs of live. Just wait until the closing riff.

Ok I am hooked as Towards the new day is simply awesome.

It just gets better as the guitars become intertwined the branch off. Wish of night is a daydreams wake up call with its driving force Luoma excelling. Brilliant guitar work and textures from the band. You must listen to this song if nothing else.

Sorrowmaker arrangement moves so fast its unbelievable. For a young band this is mature with progmetal undertones.

Torment just gets stronger and stronger. I love how the drums accent the power guitar. 

How can you, just listen to the duelling guitars?

A rocky start but Element finishes strong as their sound cleans up and arrangements are nailed tight. Element are raw, passionate and skilled. It is these attributes that leads me to believe that they will take anyone on and simply kick ass. I also love their music.

Points:  6/10

review by Daz

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