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USA Pennsylvanian based Sinister Realm debut album landed at my desk for my attention. From humble surroundings to record deal is every bands dream. Does Sinister Realm have the tone, hunger and talent to enter the arena of their metal peers?

The sensors are awakened on a barrage of powerhouse metal edge reminiscent of early Megadeth. Yet structurally (The Oracle) Into The Depths Of Hell leaves you swimming in the world of Judas Priests Sin after Sin album but Sinister Realm is no ghost as Kantner and Risko power through with guitar harmonies. But for whom does the bell toll the witch or the sinner?

Gaffeny’s bass excites and teases the Machine God while Kristof excels vocally. When you think it can’t get any better, rising from the ashes is the guitar solos into atmospheric interlude where the Machine God breathes before Metzger lays down the law on drums. It’s a fist thumping head banging classic.

The Demon Seed spawns from the theatrical and majestic story telling lifted by skilled mixing. On first listen this song is simplistic yet by time you get to the chorus immerse yourself in the brilliant bass playing that is serenaded by guitars. Dio style vocals and lyrical concept works really well here.

Nice opening Sabbath style riff on Message From Beyond. Then Sinister Realm put their own stamp on Message From Beyond. Heart racing guitar solo takes the driving seat into an eclectic vocal frenzy. Sinister Realm’s power on this song is immense that shifts between serenity and out right aggression.

March Of The Damned is full of eastern promise of betrayal and vengeance. Metzger works out on drums to keep the disjointed riff alive in places. Metzger does a fantastic job that allows Sinister Realm the artistic freedom and ability to write a bittersweet beauty.

Who decides whether The Nihilist is a rebel, revolutionist or a radical? Who cares when the Kristof is on full form vocally?

Mongol Horde stands out for its relentless rock steady beat where guitars take on early Priest composition. Mongol Horde has a solid wall of sound that has been consistent through out.

Enter The Sinister Realm builds from the foundations of rock taking you through Dream Theatres realm. The boys are simply letting of steam and they all rock while chilling. Stand back and be amazed at the noise Sinister Realm produce.

Still in awe of Enter The Sinister Realm and let me tell you this The Circle Is Broken rocks. A fantastic end to a fantastic album.

Enter The Sinister Realm at your own peril as the journey is not only mystical but also holds powers beyond believe. Sinister Realm sound is big, bold and uncompromising and for those about to rock will not be disappointed as long as you’re a metal head.

Points:  7,5/10

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